Current Turnaround Times

All Order including labels - 2-4 business days for Despatch



How to Apply Vinyl Labels

 Step 1 - PREPARE

Make sure your surface is smooth, clean, dry and free of any dirt or dust.

Step 2 - FLIP IT

Put the vinyl face down and rub the backing paper with a vinyl scraper or plastic store card

Step 3 - PEEL

Slowly peel the paper away from the vinyl and transfer tape, being careful to push any vinyl back down that lifts with the paper.

Step 4 - APPLY

Apply the vinyl & tape to your surface, and smooth down again with your scraper/store card


Once you're sure all of the vinyl is stuck to your surface, slowly peel away the transfer tape, again being careful of any vinyl that lifts.



How sturdy are the clip jars?

Extremely! Both the mini (for spices) and larger jars are made with airtight frosted silicone steel, stainless steel seal clips and high-grade glass - keeping spices and pantry snacks alike as fresh as possible.



What types of food are suitable to be stored in the storage containers?

Whether you're looking to store fresh produce for longer, or simply rid your pantry of bulky boxes, we have the perfect container for you!

Our Crystal Clear Modular Storage Containers are built with durable plastic and airtight seal lids, making them the perfect home for just about anything in your pantry - from dried fruit and coffee beans to pasta and cereal.

The Ultra-Fresh Saver Containers are fit for the refrigerator. Created from 100% high-quality, food safe plastic with handy airflow vents, these containers are built to keep fruits and veggies fresher for longer - up to 12 days, in fact!



What types of food are suitable to be stored in the silicone food storage bags?

The leak-proof, airtight bags are a great replacement for plastic baggies and are perfect for storing produce or leftovers in the fridge. The bags can also easily sit upright, making them an ideal solution for maximizing fridge or freezer space.



How should items with custom labels be washed and cared for?

Handwashing items will guarantee longevity of the high quality, waterproof vinyl labels. Avoiding placing items in the microwave or dishwasher will also guarantee a longer label life.

The labels are also easy to remove, but cannot be reused once removed.



Can items be ordered with labels pre-applied?

To avoid any delays in preparing and delivering each order, and to give each buyer control of how they’d like their product labeled, we’ve designed these custom labels to be applied by the best person for the job - you! No need to fear, the vinyl labels are very simple to apply.



What’s the best way to apply labels onto items?

Vinyl labels can be applied by following five easy steps. A step-by-step guide and easy-to-follow video can be found here.



Can changes be made to any customised orders once payment is processed?

Our priority is having orders prepared and delivered to each shopper as quickly as possible. As such, we are unable to make alterations to any customised orders once that order is finalised.



What denominations are the Pullen and Co gift cards available in? How are the gift cards delivered?

Gift cards are available in $10, $25, $50 and $100 denominations. 

Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout. Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.