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MeMoji© Sticker Labels - Boys

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Add a touch of personality to your kids' belongings with our MeeMoji© Sticker Labels! These labels are not only waterproof and tear-resistant but also as resilient as your little champions. With a little step to follow, we can make your little one, their own little brand! Plus, with a selection of fun shapes to pick from, you're guaranteed to craft a truly unique label that celebrates your special superhero. Get ready for some label-making fun! 😊🦸‍♂️🎨

Fine Features

100% Printed in our warehouse in Sydney using our state-of-the-art commercial printer.

We only use a premium high quality material.

Dishwasher safe

Microwave safe


Your purchase will include

3 sheets of stickers

Sheet 1 - Large Labels

7 labels each at 10cm wide x 1.8cm high

Sheet 2 - Medium and Mini Labels

8 Medium labels each at 4.5cm wide and 1.8cm high

6 Mini labels each at 4.7cm wide and 0.9cm high

Sheet 3 - Round Labels

12 round labels each at 3.5cm diameter

Total Stickers: 33 altogether

How it works

How It Works:

Submit Your Photo: Upload a clear picture of your child that captures their individuality and charm.

Select Background and Colors: Dive into our curated selection of backgrounds and color palettes.

Let your child's imagination run wild as you tailor the label's look to their dreams.

Our Artists Work Their Magic: Our skilled graphic artists take your input and weave it into a true work of art label. Every brushstroke is infused with creativity and love.

Unwrap the Enchantment: In no time, you'll receive your handcrafted MeEmoji Kids Labels. Witness the joy on your child's face as they encounter a character label that's as extraordinary as they are!

    Pullen and Co MeeMoji© Sticker Labels - Boys (7766776021163)

    Back to school essential

    Must-have for school, daycare, sports

    Thoughtfully designed

    We designed and created a personalised labels with your precious little ones in mind.


    • Thoughtfully Created Products

      Thoughtfully Created Products

      We designed and created a personalised home storage solution with your precious home in mind.

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      Your Happiness First

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      Sustainable Since Day One

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