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Pullen and Co

White Minimalist Storage Tubs with Wooden Lid

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Meet your new organising solution! Simple yet classic. Our storage box is the perfect way to keep your most prized possessions safe in one place. 

An ideal fusion of style and functionality, this beauty can bring a clean, calming accent into your home. Plus, it comes in 4 sizes that can fit practically anywhere!


Sleek and Modern Lid Design

Durable hard plastic

Easy to clean


MEGA - 38.4 x 27.5 x 23 cm H

LARGE - 38.4 x 27.5 x 15.3 cm H

MEDIUM - 26.4 x 18.3 x 15.3cm H

SMALL - 26.4 x 18.3 x 8 cm H


Best care practices on Pullen and Co Bamboo products

To protect our products from moisture and avoid any cracks that may occur in the material, all our bamboo products are coated with varnish.

Despite its protective coating, you’ll want to take extra care to make sure that your bamboo products aren’t exposed to moisture for long periods of time. To keep you product clean, be sure to:

Clean with a damp cloth and wipe any access moister with a dry towel

Avoid submerging in water

If mould appears, use distilled vinegar to rub it off and leave it to sit for an hour. Then be sure to clean the area with water and allow to air dry.


Bamboo is a versatile plant with a unique appearance that makes its products look like its crafted from wood. Being a natural material, each piece differs slightly from the next, giving each product its made with, a beautiful unique appearance. 

    Pullen and Co Small White Minimalist Storage Tubs with Wooden Lid (7446952968363) Pullen and Co Mega White Minimalist Storage Tubs with Wooden Lid (7446952968363) Pullen and Co White Minimalist Storage Tubs with Wooden Lid (7446952968363) Pullen and Co Medium White Minimalist Storage Tubs with Wooden Lid (7446952968363) Pullen and Co Large White Minimalist Storage Tubs with Wooden Lid (7446952968363)

    Easy, Breezy Storage

    It works well in the bathroom, bedroom, or any other space you want to make your abode clutter-free! Featuring a wooden top cover and a durable plastic body, you're sure it can last a long time. With its side handles, you also can quickly move it around.

    Thoughtfully designed

    These tubs are multi-use, we made them with hard plastic. They're designed to have a long, lovely life making your clutter look good.


    • Thoughtfully Created Products

      Thoughtfully Created Products

      We designed and created a personalised home storage solution with your precious home in mind.

    • Your Happiness First

      Your Happiness First

      Simple and easy ordering, flexible payment options, fast delivery, and a dedicated customer care team to support. We go all-out to make sure you’ll enjoy a better shopping experience.

    • Family Matters Here

      Family Matters Here

      As a small family-owned and centred business, we treat our customers like family! That’s why we’re pretty serious about helping you upgrade your organising game. 

    • Sustainable Since Day One

      Sustainable Since Day One

      Our world is where our abode is. And if it doesn’t flourish, neither can we. So we’re committed to using eco-friendly materials in making our range wherever possible.

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