Sanity-Saving Cleaning Hacks

Sanity-Saving Cleaning Hacks

Although winter is still very much in full swing - you don’t need to wait for the seasonal shift to spring for a good excuse to give your home a little extra clean that will last. 

When it comes to tackling the spots that always seem to get dirty around your home, there’s a few products we absolutely swear by. To save your sanity while cleaning up, consider  the following must-haves!

For cleaning under the sink

The cupboard under the sink is a funny part of the home - while it often houses most of our cleaning products, it’s typically the quickest to look and feel dirty or unorganised.

Get on top of the clutter with a few storage baskets to hold on your supplies. Our Plastic and Bamboo Storage Basket is sure to do the trick. The nifty basket, which features natural bamboo handles in a stylish woven plastic construction, is the perfect companion for clearing under-the-sink clutter. The baskets also come with complimentary, waterproof custom  labels, to help you up your organisation game even further!


For keeping countertops clean and organised

From under the sink to on top of it - another quick to get messy spot is undoubtedly the counter top. To keep those miscellaneous items from piling up, consider adding our Signature Bamboo Turntable Storage to your counter.

The charming turntable is suitable for just about anything - from drink bottles and jars of food, to your random pens, paper clips and elastic that never seem to have a proper home. You’ll be able to maximise your surface space while displaying your items neatly and accessing them with ease.


For keeping appliances and surfaces clean

If you’re a fan of baking, cooking or pretty much anything related to preparing food, chances are you’ve gotten annoyed by the quick pile up of crumbs or traces of food on your counters or appliances. There’s a quick fix for that that doesn’t require a cloth and spray.

Give any surface a quick de-crumb with our trusty Table Birchwood Brush and Dustpan. Once you're finished, you can easily store it away - perhaps under the sink in your new plastic storage basket!


Cleaning can often feel tedious, but with the help of a few trusty supplies, it’s easy to keep on top of the mess and maintain an overall clean and organised appearance all year long. So whether it’s your sink cupboard or counter top that requires the most love, save your sanity and opt for items that will help you maintain a consistently spotless look!