2022 Storage and Organising Trends

2022 Storage and Organising Trends

2022 is the year of organisation. It’s the year when your home is your sanctuary, where everything has its own stylish, smart, and accessible place. At Pullen & Co we know firsthand how busy life can get, and how quickly a small bit of mess turns into what feels like the aftermath of a storm. 

Keep it Stylish 

There’s nothing more satisfying than having a space that’s not only well organised but beautiful to look at. Our Plastic and Bamboo Storage Baskets have natural bamboo handles and stylish woven plastic construction. These baskets can be used to store anything from toys and treats to trinkets and toiletries. Our personalised, waterproof custom labels ensure that not only is everything packed up and in its place, but you know what’s in each basket quickly and easily. These baskets are available in two different sizes and colours, so they’re perfect for anywhere in your home or office. 

Make a Statement 

If you’re looking for a statement with your organisation, look no further than our Hacienda Storage Baskets. These baskets are handwoven with natural, sustainable rattan by traditional artists- which means that no two baskets will be 100% the same as we’re really utilising the natural materials to their best here. These baskets have rounded handles that make it easier to carry them and move them around, and they’re created to be stackable. Stylish storage statements at your fingertips. 

Fresh Produce 

These are an absolute gamechanger: our Ultra-Fresh Saver Container. If you’re someone who loves fresh fruit and veg but doesn’t get to eat all that delicious produce before it’s no good- these will be an absolute lifesaver for you. These containers are 100% high-quality, food-safe plastic- but unlike other food storage solutions, these have special air vents for ventilation and humidity control, as well as internal colanders that help separate excess moisture from your produce.  Say hello to produce lasting up to 12 days and goodbye to food wastage! 

So, if you’re looking to change your home organisation and storage game, just try one of the above methods. We can guarantee that once you start living your best Pullen & Co stylish, sustainable and organised life, you’ll never go back.