Five Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Homeowners

Five Thoughtful Gift Ideas for New Homeowners


Your friends have bought a new home - hooray! Amidst all the excitement, unpacking and the onset panic about that brand new mortgage, they’ll have a few days of sitting on boxes, dining out of styrofoam and drinking out of the single tea cup that successfully made its way over during the move.


To help them really settle in and feel at home in their new abode, here’s a list of five thoughtful gift ideas that they’ll truly cherish.

1. Statement Home Decor

For the aesthetic-aficionados, a new home only comes together when it has been styled with beautiful and curated home decor. Whilst a painting may be a little too personal, consider gifting the new homeowners an elegant ceramic statement piece that they can proudly display in their new kitchen, living or lounge. Our personal favourites are the classic Bernadette Organic White Sand Jug or the modernist Rosanne Smooth O-Shaped Vase, both gorgeous gift ideas that will make a striking statement piece for a new home.

2. Linen Throw

Chances are, it’ll take a day or two for the gas to get connected to their new home, so if you’re dropping by when they first move in, you can be sure they’ll be so grateful for the gift of a cosy blanket or throw. A 100% linen throw can be a chic and useful accessory all-year round, acclimatising to the changing temperatures whilst always looking classy and elegant on your friend’s new sofa, armchair or bed.

3. Wooden Spice Rack

For the friends who love to whip up fabulous meals, gift them a stylish piece of kitchen storage that is both functional and sophisticated. A wooden spice rack will not only come handy to neatly organise all of their bottles and jars, but also give them an understated chance to show off their collection of cumin, cayenne and cardamom. An item that one doesn’t often purchases for themselves, your friends will love the thoughtfulness behind this gift. 

4. Stylish Glassware

If your friends have a taste for the finer things, gift them the treat of a luxurious carafe. A striking water carafe gives a serious upgrade to the rather mundane act of drinking water throughout the day. You can choose from clear or coloured glass, and classic or modern shapes - whichever you think will suit their personal taste and home aesthetic. Whichever style you select, a stylish carafe is a thoughtful gift idea that they’ll love to use, both day-to-day and to bring out when hosting dinner parties. 

5. Hamper of Treats

After a busy few days of unpacking, a gift that every new homeowner will be genuinely thankful for is a hamper of assorted snacks and goodies. You can order a pre-selected range from a local artisan store, or fill a basket yourself with treats you know your friends will love. Some of our favourites are spiced nuts, gourmet crackers, Sicilian olives and chocolate almonds for a much needed break from unpacking or as a cheeky midnight indulgence.