How to achieve a calm & minimalist home

How to achieve a calm & minimalist home

Here at Pullen and Co, we believe that a calm home is one that is filled with the people we love, the possessions we cherish and the memories we build, nothing more. By removing all the chaos and clutter, we can focus on quality time spent with our friends and family.


Today we’re sharing our top tips to help you achieve a calm and minimalist home, we hope you may find some of these inspiring and useful for your own home.


  1. Organise your every-day spaces

Keep your most frequently used living spaces clean and clutter-free. From your pantry to your wardrobe, think about storage ideas that make sense to your family. Do you need quick and healthy snacks in easy reach? Is your laundry clean and benchtops clear for easy folding? By sorting out the little things, you’ll find yourself with a lot more time for the things that really matter.


  1. Think about the environment you love most and bring it home

Are you a coastal-wanderer? A mountain-explorer? Think about the places you love and bring elements of those into your home. If the ocean soothes you, try to bring hues of golden sand and calming blue through accent decor or artwork pieces. Our personal favourite is our Jacinda Organic White Sand Jug, part of our handcrafted stoneware range made in the most beautiful sand-like texture. These gorgeous ceramic pieces look elegant in every home and help to create a true minimalist haven.


  1. Let the light In

Sunlight is known to lift energy and ease our minds. Whether you are reading a book, doing chores or working from home, try to position yourself near a source of natural light. The sunlight will work wonders in lifting your mood and leaving you feeling refreshed and calm.

If your home isn’t naturally positioned towards sunlight, make sure to give yourself plenty of breaks to get outside and go for a daily walk in fresh air.


  1.  Add a touch of green

Much like sunlight, a few touches of natural greenery can really make your home feel fresh and clean. Plants are highly regarded for their energy-boosting and stress relieving properties, but they can also purify the air inside your home by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. Plants such as Jasmine, Gardenia and Areca Palm are particularly great for curbing anxiety, helping you sleep and instilling a sense of quiet peace.


  1. Create a dedicated space to relax

Our homes serve many purposes, from gathering spaces to remote offices. But amidst all of the chaos of every-day life, a dedicated space or nook that is only used for relaxation, can help you create a peaceful oasis within your home. A few ideas are creating a purposeful yoga corner equipped with a yoga mat, a reading nook filled with cushions and a throw, or even just a comfortable armchair facing the sun to allow for peaceful meditation.


We hope some of these tips have helped to inspire you in creating a calming and minimalist home. If you have any other suggestions, please do let us know in the comments below.