Easter traditions at the Pullen house

Easter traditions at the Pullen house

As the days get shorter and the weather starts to cool (ever so slightly!), one of my personal favourite holidays is rearing its head - along with a bunny and eggs!

Easter is a special occasion in the Pullen house. It’s always a beautiful weekend filled with gratitude, reflection and family time. Having had a traditional Catholic upbringing, there are many old traditions I’ve brought into my adult years that I really cherish from my childhood. Now with a family of my own, my husband and I have also created our new little traditions with our two young kids that we’ve grown to love!

As we wind down for the long weekend, and spend time with our loved ones, here are a few of the ways we’re celebrating Easter this year.

Gratitude and family time on Good Friday

I’ve always cherished the quieter days before the Easter celebrations. It’s one of the most important weeks in the religious calendar, and one I’ve always made a point to teach my children about. But to add our own spin on the religious week, we make Good Friday a dedicated day to unplug and bond - reading stories or watching a movie with good food and warm drink.

Matching Family Pyjamas

Good Friday is also when we change up our sleepwear! While the idea of matching PJs is no new concept, we’ve brought the usual Christmas-styled tradition into the Autumn holiday. We love the idea of wearing matching PJs over Easter! We find that it really gets the kids that much more excited about the holiday and the family time too.

Indoor Easter Treasure Hunt

Sunday morning festivities start with our indoor treasure hunt. To keep the kids excited, I love to make surprise eggs for the kids! Over the years I’ve hidden plastic eggs with puzzles, mini toys and even Gummies inside! They absolutely love it.


Backyard Picnic

A silver lining of two years of Covid restrictions was the creation of a new tradition that we hope to continue for years to come - Easter Sunday picnic in the courtyard. We get the kids to help pack all our Easter goodies and supplies in a basket, then set out a blanket and enjoy! It’s a great little activity without too much hassle! And the kids love the idea transforming our everyday space into a fun getaway of sorts.

Easter Bingo

After food time comes game time! We’re a big games-type family, especially over the holidays! On Easter Sunday we always end up spending at least a few hours playing our favourite board games, and a few Easter-themed games. My husband and I like to prepare Easter Bingo for the kids which is always a hit! 

Mummy’s homemade carrot cake and afternoon tea

Every spring, I plant carrots in our veggie garden and by Easter time, they’re ready to harvest. A few years ago, I started putting my carrots to good use and whipping up a yummy carrot cake for the family to enjoy with tea in the afternoon on Easter Sunday. Not only has it become highly requested (especially from my husband!), it gives me an added motivation to take good care of those growing carrots ahead of Easter each year! 

R&R on Easter Monday

Easter Monday is much like Good Friday in our house. Winding down from the celebrations and excitement around Easter, we like to make Monday a big rest day, full of family time, cuddles and recovery (especially for mum!). It’s the perfect end to our favourite holiday, before the businesses of everyday life starts back up the next day.

No matter what this weekend means for you - whether a time to reconnect with your religious beliefs or simply an extra day or two to relax and spend time with loved ones - we hope you have a wonderful holiday weekend! Enduldge in good food, play games, rest and enjoy!