To Mum, With Love

To Mum, With Love

It’s that time of year to celebrate and spoil mum - or even yourself. At Pullen & Co we’ve crafted your ultimate gift guide so that you can make sure you’re getting Mum something that she genuinely loves. 

We think that this year’s Mothers Day should be a bit more indulgent, so we want to focus on what you can add to your home. Organisation is great, and believe us we have all the solutions! 


The range of different vases that we have available will blow your mind. Rosane and Olivia - our O-Shape vases bring a touch of intrigue, and are offset nicely with the U-Shape Lune. Nessa, alternatively, has a lovely rounded base that connects to a short, column neck that branches out into a wider collar. If this slightly more dome shape is what you’re after, our brand new Alisha has a wide dome base and then a very short column neck. Magnolia is where we start to get a brush into the jug world, as it has small handles on either side of the wide-necked vase. 

With the minimal design and neutral colourway, our ceramics are simply perfect and seamless for every home. 


Your Mum’s Dream Haven

Moving into our storage hybrids, we’ll start off with one of our newest ranges, the 2-in-1 Amber Glass Bottle. Get your mum’s morning rush all the help she can get to keep the washbasin tidy that'll make even Martha go gaga about (Stewart, that is).

This glass bottle is just as clever as it is beautiful with details with a twist of style featuring a Boston-style metal pump that creates a harmonious look in any bathroom or kitchen - everything mum needs to turn those hectic morning moments into perfect harmony.

Breathe Fresh Air into Your Lovely Home

We heard your mum’s needs and wants and made them happen. Gilmore is a great accent piece for any room in every home. Natural and sustainably sourced, it’s a stylish must-have for your essentials. Denver Cotton Rope Basket is perfect when you're looking for a bit of extra stylish storage. With its large, drum-like silhouette and soft-sided construction, the Denver is ideal for anywhere in the home, from your living room to your laundry. Last but not least is the ultimate soft storage solution Soleil Cotton Rope Basket. The neutral beige and tan tones mean that the Soleil is not only practical and stylish, but it will look perfect in any area of your home. This trendsetter is for keeps.

These beautiful additions to meet your mum’s home-living needs will turn any space where she wants to stay.

As we said, lots of options to choose from. The decor range is durable and perfectly blends old-world charm through the use of pinched, hammered, and etched textiles, with new world neutrality and modern lines. Our storage range ​​makes the busiest moments at home a pure pleasure. Not only do these picks feature the right balance of style and function — they won't blow your budget.

So, what are you going to pick?